Bay Mini Storage

Your Place for A/C and Non A/C Self-Storage  850-235-2533
PRICE LIST                 
Non Climate Controlled

5x5           $49.00          
5X10         $59.00     
10X10       $92.00      
10x20       $134.00      

Units With Electric

10X10       $99.00      
10X15       $129.00      
10X20       $154.00      

We now offer outside parking
       10 feet up to 60 feet
            Call for rates

Our conventional storage offers
a mix of building construction.
Either solid block walls or full
metal partitions separate your
rented space from other tenants.  
Our block buildings have recently
been re-roofed and meet the 
most up to date building codes.
Climate Controlled Space

5X5              $67.00        
5X10            $89.00
8X10            $132.00
10x10          $139.00
10X15          $184.00
10X20          $219.00
10X25          $240.00

Our air conditioned space offers
year around storage at a constant
76 degrees.  All thermostats are
digital and programed to cycle
every 20 minutes regardless of
the actual inside temperature
of the building.