Bay Mini Storage

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The following are some basic terms of our rental policies 
along with answers to frequently asked questions

Q.   How long do I have to rent ? 

A.   Our rentals are month to month. You keep the space as long as you like.

Q.   When is my rent due ?
A.   We pro-rate your rent from the day you rent the unit to the first of the month.
      The rent is then due on the first of each subsequent month.

Q.   Are my belongings insured ?

A.   We do not insure you for loss from any peril.  This includes
      fire, theft, flood and wind damage due to tornado or hurricanes.
      Your home owners policy may insure your items, check with your agent.  
      Insurance is available through MINICO at an additional cost.  We can provide 
      you with information and a brochure in order to contact them.

Q.   What are the hours we can access our items ?

A.   Our access hours are from 6:00AM to 9:00PM 365 days per year.  
      You may enter your space as many times as you like during business hours.